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From Michael Ambrosio:

Internet Marketing
Success Series

Grab parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this 14-Part, Too Good To Pass Up Success Series! This comprehensive and well-written series covers all you need to know to succeed on line, from the very basics using tried and true marketing techniques, to more advanced wealth-building ideas.

Here's a sampling of what you will find inside:


Do you have what it takes to be an E-entrepreneur?
Finding the right products that sell themselves.
Balancing your business and your family.
Know how to say "NO".
More . . . .

Part One

Making your website attractive, interesting, interactive.
Good Content.
Choosing a domain name.
More . . . .

Part Two

Leverage the advantages of the Net.
What businesses are succeeding on the Net?
Should you be selling a product or a service?
Importance of Back-end Selling .
More . . . .

Part Three

How search engines work.
Optimizing your site for top keywords.
PPC - Adwords and other premium advertising.
Reciprocal linking and partner sites.
More . . . .

$39.97 Value - Yours Free!

That will get you started! The information in the Internet Marketing Success Series is what every aspiring marketer - and even advanced marketers - should have at their fingertips. This is a power-packed 14 part series, and you will get the first four parts when you create your free account.

But your on line education doesn't stop there...


...And Get The Most Bang For Your Buck!"

Stmadeveloper reveals how to break into the big time using affordable programmers and designers to gain success!

If you're like me, you just want to be able to simply promote a product or service online and make money doing it. You don't want the headache that comes with having to buy every ebook or software released just to figure out how to make a buck.

Heck, you've probably already realized that by doing this, you are spending money instead of making money. It's a terrible cycle that so many get caught up in, and then they fail at ever making any money online because they have spent too much money!

That's why I've put together the "Marketing For REAL People Underground Marketing Strategies - The Secrets To Selling Online Volume I" package.

Frankly, before I finally figured out how to make money online, I was ready to throw in the towel and just give up. I was tired of spending hours online searching for that golden nugget piece of information that would finally help me to make money online. I was also worried about the money I had spent trying to obtain this information also.

Does all of this sound familiar? I'm sure it does...

This package offers three different products that cover separate topics in marketing.

"Internet Marketing Baby Steps - The first steps to take as a new online marketer."

You'll learn the truth about marketing online and EXACTLY what you need to do to start making money with your own online business! No matter if you're a seasoned pro or total Internet marketing newbie you will learn what it takes to make money online.

"Autopilot Niche Ezines - Learn To Make Big Money Setting Up Auto Pilot Ezines In Multiple Niches"

This step-by-step course will teach you everything you need to know to start developing ezines in any niche market and however many niche markets you want to, so that you can start making multiple streams of income on autopilot!

You'll get a complete ebook and videos that will hold you by the hand and teach you everything from starting your niche ezines to profiting with your niche ezines. There is no other product out right now that will teach you the things you will learn in this income generating course!

This is a WHOPPING $247 Value - Yours Free!
Wow!!! Resale Rights Included!

Web Traffic Profits

Chris Taylor, CEO of Catdynamics, has since 2000 helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build revenue-generating websites and grow successful home based business web sites – including many of his own.

Now, he's pulled together all he has learned into one information-packed report – available to you here at MrOverDeliver. Very soon, this will only be available to his paid members, but to get the word out he's offering it FREE for a strictly limited time.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn:

  • How to create a tightly-focused business plan and vision that works

  • Discover the single largest problem for buyers online and how to solve it

  • Convert one-off purchasers into highly profitable life-long customers

  • Learn the ultimate web site traffic myth and why experts don’t publish it

  • Gain insider knowledge to save many $1000s on web development

  • Why the one task that will make you wealthy is the one most webmasters avoid

  • Analyse the three valid home based business models that are proven to work online

  • How ecommerce can work for you and the top pitfalls to avoid

  • Fundamental business principles that apply to every single business big or small

  • A simple but powerful system to attract targeted traffic and convert it to sales

  • The best way of building your home based business web site with little monetary outlay

And much more!If you are just starting out, this FREE resource will equip you to grow and profit online fast. Grab your copy today!

Discover How You Too Can Launch Your Products To Millions Of Hungry Customers Through The Power Of Joint Ventures

When I first started out in online business (almost five years ago now) it always intrigued me to see marketers go out and pull a circulation of half a million potential views for their products just by getting themselves ten or fifteen deals with other marketers. Half a million targeted, almost guaranteed to be interested, ready to buy viewers, customers even. Wow. Imagine what that would do for your business.

Everything you're about to read is tried and tested material. This will apply to your business not just once, but for many years to come. It's an investment not just for today, but far into the future.

$47 Value - Yours Free!

Resale Rights Included!

Adwords Power Tips

Adwords Power Tips - If you use Google Adwords, You NEED this eBook. Chock full of tips and techniques to maximize the power of your advertising dollar.

Who is Tom O'Brien – the author of this eBook?

Tom O'Brien is a qualified Google Adwords Professional who has spent hundreds of hours managing Adwords campaigns.

The information contained in this eBook represents some of the lesser known tidbits that will help you increase the power of your advertising dollar.

This eBook will help you maximize the return you get on your Google Adwords Campaigns. There's a lot of work involved and in the longer term you may well want to engage some professional help.

Yours Free!

Audio Interviews

Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey is the #1 Best Selling Author of "The Sales Bible" and "The Little Red Book of Selling". He is syndicated in over 90 business journals across the country and has over 4.5 million readers each week.


"What does it take to be a success in sales?"

Clip Length: 0:43

"Wisdom from Mr. Patterson?"

Clip Length: 0:43

Can you handle the Gitomer truth?

Clip Length: 0:12

Tom Beal Presents . . .

"Simple Strategies To Succeed Regardless of Economic Conditions!"

Here's a taste of what you will learn in this jam packed with wisdom interview...

What it takes to be a success in sales (0:54)

How to succeed in any economy that's not growing (2:19)

The power of taking interest in your prospects/clients and how to do it(4:08)

How Jeffrey positioned & established himself as the expert and created the law of attraction and how you can too (6:04)

What your responsibility is as a professional in your chosen profession (7:50)

How to turn any slow economy around (8:23)

Are your actions building customer loyalty and repeat business (9:26)

How to build customer loyalty (10:38)

A secret from Jeffrey's childhood that could transform your business and bank account (11:05)

What are you doing in your business that is attracting people (12:00)

How to gain new clients and keep your current clients loyal (13:05)

How to blow your prospects minds and have them eager to meet you (13:30)

The power of 'pull-through' marketing as discussed from over 100 years ago (15:35)

What you should refer to your prospects as (15:55)

"All the information to succeed already exists, you're just not exposing yourself to it." How to access it (16:15)

The most important success secrets from over 100 years ago that are still 100% relative today (17:20)

Wrestling with success? Learn the power of discipline. (19:20)

The strangest secret in the world today (21:40)

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is one of the most sought-after copywriters today. Her newsletter alone is worth more than most paid ebooks on the same subject.

Joan Stewart - also known as the Publicity Hound - is an acknowledged expert on how to grab all the free publicity you can handle.

What is it worth to have one interviewing the other? Read on . . .

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Business Building Teleseminar:

"How to Use the Media to
Promote Yourself as an Expert"

With Joan Stewart, "The Publicity Hound" and
Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, "Red Hot Copywriter"

As a media relations consultant and professional speaker, Joan shows people how to use the media to establish their credibility, enhance their reputation, position themselves as experts, sell more products and services, promote a favorite cause or issue, and establish their companies as employers of choice. The media love quoting and covering experts.

Learn how to get the media to call on you again and again—giving you thousands of dollars in FREE PUBLICITY.

When you sign up, you can grab the first two of this five part audio interview!

$27.00 Value

Software and Scripts

Website Clickstart

"Open Multiple Websites - All Your Favorite Sites that You Visit Regularly - With One Magic Click! Each in its Own Window!

Plus... use the Website Clickstart Window to Search and Research 3 Popular Search Engines! - Google, Alexa and Search Estate - Faster than Ever Before!" Website Clickstart is an invaluable software solution, which is extremely easy to use, and saves you from having to open all your favorite sites painfully slowly, one by one by one. Just one click and they all open!! You can even store SEVERAL configurations!"

Website Clickstart is an invaluable software solution, which is extremely easy to use, that you simply cannot afford to live without!

IR Format Text Formatting Tool

John Hostler and his Internet Renegade, Inc's IR Format is text formatting on steroids. This brand new software takes it all into account when it comes to formatting your ezine, email, and text ad campaigns.

Although incredibly simple to use, it saves you time to focus on the more important facets of your business and cuts out the manual processes entirely.

From: Martin Salter

Finally, Get Quality AUDIO content on YOUR SITE FREE

BLAST your SALES and OPT in's Sky High with Revolutionary Software that makes you SELL MORE!

If you are STILL paying month on month for AUDIO CONTENT, you MUST READ THIS, it will SAVE YOU $$$ and MAKE YOU MONEY!

  • Instant Audio for your site
  • Create As Many recordings as you like
  • You Even set the Quality

The quality of this audio is awesome... And with the amount of royalty free sites around these days offering fantastic audio samples, loops and more, you could be putting together samples, jingles, podcast material and more, all to PLAY from YOUR SITES with ease and NO MORE FEES!

"Learn in 3 Steps, How Simple Links Can Increase Your Blog Rankings
and Income"

These are not links that are linking to you and have almost no control over it. These are the Link which you create on your blogs...

— Edna Melendez

Introducing Cash Links Lite!

With This Wordpress Plugin, You Can:

  • Enter up to FIVE (5) keywords with destination URLs that you want linkable throughout your blog posts and comments!

  • Have FULL control over your keyword links when your visitor clicks on them,

  • Set your URLs to link to high-paying, high-converting affiliate programs or even your own products! Thus you can earn more from every visitor possible!

  • Increase your Google Page Ranking (PR) and keyword search result rankings dramatically by creating your blog pages to contain tightly-focused, popularly-searched keywords,

  • Indirectly explode your traffic funnel from FREE Search Engine visitors exponentially in the process,

  • And much, much more!

Now THAT'S an incredible deal . . . FREE! Just for signing up with Mr Over Deliver!

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